Volunteering and/or Work Opportunities:

This program is FREE

Bolivian Spanish School (BSS) is well-connected throughout the city and, as such, many different organizations have opened their doors to both our long and short-term students. We can connect you with volunteer opportunities to match your interests, experience, and available time. Past students have volunteered at local orphanages,  psychiatric hospital, schools, day care centers, tourist agencies, women´s advocacy agencies, and child labor education centers.

In order to participate in this programs, each student must meet the following requirements:

   1. The student should have at least a basic to intermediate level of Spanish with regards to both comprehension and verbal communication. For students who arrive without any prior Spanish language experience, this can be accomplished within 3 to 4 weeks of Spanish study, depending on the student´s ability, effort and hours dedicated to studying each week.
   2. Students must submit a written request for their desired volunteer position. We will review and forward the request, along with the student´s resume or curriculum vitae, to the appropriate parties.
   3. In order to work or volunteer with one of our affiliated institutions, the student must be available for at least 2 weeks.