Learn Spanish & discover the bolivian culture in warm & charming Sucre

The Hostel

We offer accommodation in our hostel in the same building as the class for extra convenience.


Sucre is a warm, beautiful colonial city located in the southeast of Bolivia. Also named the white city for the colors of the old colonial buildings of its historical center, it is a human-scale city with only 200 000 friendly people living here.


We pride ourselves on creating a comfortable environment for our students so that they are able to feel like the school is a second home to them. Together students, teachers and school staff form one big family. We invite you to come and join us here in Bolivia!

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Enjoy our special offer: 10% discount if you take 20 hours or more!

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We can connect you with volunteer opportunities to match your interests, experience, and available time. Past students have volunteered at local orphanages, psychiatric hospital, schools, day care centers, tourist agencies, women’s advocacy agencies, and child labor education centers. Learn more about volunteering.